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Saturday, August 10, 2013

My first Sturgis!!!!!

This blog post has nothing to do with my art but I had to share a few pictures from my trip to Sturgis. My husband and I have had motorcycles since we were married 25 years ago and we have talked about going to Sturgis every year, but with kids and life it never seemed to work out. This year the weather was so nice and cool we took a spur of the moment trip and finally got to see it!

I'm glad we didn't take the bike because the traffic was crazy! This was taken in the morning and the population doubled in size by that afternoon!

We stopped for breakfast and ran into a relative at a truck stop diner!We spent a little time visiting and then we were off again.

I love the craziness of this bike and Rick Fairless, the guy who built it, was I got a picture of him with my husband.

My husband was thrilled to meet him. Rick told him when I was getting ready to take thier picture "you be the big guy and I'll be the little guy". 

Now this is more my speed ! This was so darn cute!

And of course I had an Elvis sighting!

This was a grandmother with her three grandsons on the back! How cool is that?!


My husband and I sat on the curb and watched the parade of bikes go by. We sat next to a great couple from Saint Jo, Missouri. We had a great time visiting with Mellisa and Roger and I hope we run into them again someday!

I noticed a LOT of women drivers go girl!

And here are just a few of the beautiful scenery pics that we took on our ride through the Black Hills.

Well now that the vacation is over I will get back to work and hopefully post some artwork next time. :O)

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Ann said...

how cool!!
would love to go someday!!
my husband owns a 48 harley 45 and a 48 triumph!