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Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Steampunk Album Swap

 I joined a swap with my group blissfullARTswaps and the theme was a steampunk journal. Of course I signed up for this one...they had me at "Steampunk"!

I tried to make a steampunkish book mark and this is what I came up with


My partner was Kim from Art Joy Stuff  so I wanted to personalize it for her

Inside cover. I found this picture and I just loved it (and it's very "steamy")

I found some very old authentic times table flash cards so I made Kim a book mark out of one.

This is Kim's journal she made me! I LOVE it! It's so cool with the steampunk guy and the tag dividers!

Every page has stampings or stickers! It was so much fun to flip through, Kim did a fantastic job! This was so much fun that I signed up for the "Jane Austin" themed journal swap. I may have to make some journals for gifts this year, they are just so much fun to make!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My first ICE resin project!

I had a lady stop at my booth a few months ago and she asked me if I could take her heirloom pocket watch handed down to her and make some jewelry out of it. I said I sure could, but, when I saw the pocket watch I almost turned her down! It was so pretty and old I felt bad destroying it! But she said she never used it and it was stuck away where she never got to enjoy it and it was beyond I tore into it and managed to get seven pieces of jewelry out of that one pocket watch. The piece above is a broach I made using the back of the watch. I wanted to show the ornate designs it had.

This is from the main body of the watch and I used an image I thought was fitting. I also used ICE resin for the first time and I love it! I've used other resins in the past and they sometimes left bubbles or if I didn't mix it correctly It was sometimes sticky and never completely dried.  This stuff is fool proof! No measuring and no bubbles!

The lady that commissioned the jewelry LOVES snowmen so I had to do one piece for her with a snowman! I used the ICE resin again with this piece.

I had quite a few left over small bits and since this was not my watch I wanted to try to use every part from the watch if possible. I decided to put all of the small bits into a tiny vial and added it to a necklace with a small locket .

These are an earring and bracelet set. I used the watch cock out of her watch for one earring and used one of my own for the other earring .(pocket watches only have one each) Then I used a big part of the insides of the watch for the bracelet. I also made a ring out of a part of the face of the watch but the picture turned out blurry so I am not able to show it. All in all she got a lot of jewelry from that one pocket watch and she seemed to like it all when she got it back. My next project is a couple of altered notebooks for my swap group so new project pictures coming soon!I will be sharing my project at the Friday ICE linky party at vintiquities workshop