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Saturday, January 28, 2012

New steampunk jewelry (part 4)

This is the last post about the new jewelry I promise! These are some earrings I made from watch parts. I think they look cute! They don't always match... but it is steampunk!

New steampunk Jewlery (part 3)

I used the resin bauble stuff to make these bracelets. The pics are really bad and hard to see.. but you get the idea!

I made a couple of these Victorian sewing themed bracelets with Pat at Ortiz Originals in mind. I have some of my jewelry in her store and I gave her one as a thank you for letting me have a space in her store!

of course in farm country I had to make a John Deere one!

and I had to make a steampunk one!

New steampunk jewelry (part 2)

I love the resin baubles in my jewelry! It's a combination of vintage and steampunk!

this is one of my favorites! simple, but cool!

Someone get me some hand lotion STAT!

New steampunk jewelry (part 1)

I have been working on my steampunk jewelry since Christmas, trying to get a bunch done for a fundraiser for the local art center. It's tomorrow and I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be! I've made about 75 new pieces of jewelry! To much to show in one blog for sure! I am going to show it in smaller batches... let me know what you think!

I took the guts out of a few pocket watches and replaced with my own concoction!

The propeller spins!

one of my resin baubles from my tutorial!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

winter wonderland

 I woke up this morning and everything was covered in thick was so pretty I had to take pictures...and I was late for work! It was worth it though!

This is the view outside my house to the north. I live in town but on the edge, so this is my good view. The other side of the house faces gas pumps and houses and a highway.

the morning sun was just peeking up for this shot

This is the first good snow of the year so I just had to share pics! The first snow is always the best!