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Friday, November 4, 2011

my big helper

My big helper this weekend! He likes to sleep on whatever project I want to work on!

I just love lace and vintage materials!

I got myself a metal stamp kit and have been playing with it!
This is a little shoulder bag I made with some of my "stash" I also made iron-ons from images I found on the graphics fairy website

My mother-in-law brought me back some arrow heads from her trip to Colorado and Wyoming. This is my attempt at making jewelry out of them!

 If you are reading this post go over to ,  Lynn is having a three year anniversary and has an awesome giveaway going on! She has some amazing art work on her blog so check it out!


Kim said...

LOVE your vintage stuff....and the arrowhead necklaces you made!

I've been wanting to try to the metalstamping...looks like you are having fun with it!

Lynn Stevens said...

The best thing about having a giveaway is I get to visit other artists whom I may not have found. I Love your blog and your Art!!! so much as I now I just had to follow you!
Thanks for entering and best of luck!
hugs Lynn

BLISS angels said...

I'm thinking that maybe your furry friend is your muse because wow you have made some beautiful vintage art... I love the arrowheads and cool use of some intresting items... Hugs wendy

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

I think you did a great job making jewelry out of those arrowheads. My husband makes primitive bows and we both learned how to flint knap. Arrowheads are tough to make but fun when you get one made. I've got a little basket of them, maybe I should make some jewelry... Thanks for sharing.