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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Steampunk Jewelry ( part 3 )

Well I did not get enough time this weekend to paint once again.But I did make a few new necklaces here and there so I at least have something to show! I also finished my very first ATC. That was a lot of fun...and a little intimidating. I think it turned out O.K. for my first one.It was also not the easiest subject for me (movie monsters). I will show pics of it as soon as the swap is over and my partner (also Wendy) receives it!

I like this one because it shows the incredibly ornate designs within the watch.I can't believe how detailed it all is and no one ever sees it!

I found these little bottles that are great for the tiny watch parts that are to small to work with...but they are really cute in the bottle.


Beansieleigh said...

Love your jewelry! Beautiful work! Do you have an etsy shoppe or some other place where one can order from if we'd like? ~tina

romance-of-roses said...

Great jewelry. I collect hearts so naturally like the one with the heart best, Thank you for following me. Hugs...Lu

maj. said...

Amazing!!!! Beautiful work!!!!

Steam Tea Travels said...

Very beautiful!!!! Love the clockwork components!
Thanks for your Link!
Rose & Co

Steam Tea Travels said...

So sorry I haven't approached you before with an apology for last week's strange disappearance of all our former links.
Suffice it to say, we won't be using that same service again! Cheaper isn't always better, is it?
But Thank You for trying us one more time! Your link pic looks wonderful in our line-up!

Ann said...

love them all!!

Jennifer Isom-Backer said...

It was great to see this type of jewelry in Northeast Nebraska today. I love it. Can't wait to buy more.