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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Austin, Texas vacation

I'm back from a week down in Austin, Texas and I'm about three shades darker than when I left! Boy was it hot! the average temp each day was 104 to 110. I had an awesome time and saw so many new things. I also got some inspiration for some new projects that will be coming soon!

we went to the Lady bird Johnson wildflower gardens and another botanical garden in Austin where I got some great pics!

We saw a sign for Austins largest flee market so I just had to go check that out...was not exactly what I was picturing in my head, but I still found a great old ring and an antique broach

I loved the colorfulness (is that a word?) of Austin. There was something to look at on every street! I think I took about a thousand pictures

the local farmers market was so interesting. I tried goat cheese,  hibiscus mint tea ,and several kinds of salsa

one of my favorite places was this candy shop where I spent a whopping $35.00 on chocolate! ( and totally worth it!)

I also found lots of cool signs and old buildings that I will tweak for later projects!

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