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Monday, July 11, 2011

Jessi's mini album

This is a mini album I made for my daughter Jessica. It was my first attempt at this type of scrapbooking and I loved it! I never could get into scrapbooking with pages and pictures in the traditional way!

I used an old rusty key as an accent.

I make my own homemade paper and I used it for several tags in this album.

The pages are small manila envelopes folded so there is a small pocket and a large on for each page.

I took some of my homemade paper and forced - I mean HELPED it through my printer and printed pictures of my daughter for some really cute tags! (this was probably not a good idea to do to the printer, I recommend very thin paper if you try this!)

I used my homemade paper to make this little book and put pictures of artwork my daughter had done in art class

I attempted to make my own flower. it turned out o.k. but I like the bluemoon scrapbooking flowers better!

I really like this type of scrapbook because I 'm not much for journaling, but I do like to save bits of memorabilia and this is a great way to save that sort of stuff!

I got this idea off a you-tube video and I just had to try it! how cute is a corset holder?

so many cool little time!

the back closure is a tag off my daughters jeans she bought. I thought the tag was to pretty to throw away!


Patti Senter aka NW Lady said...

Fantastic mini!!!!

Just Me and My Shadow said...

Wow!! Love, love, love it!!